Saturday, February 25, 2006



  1. Lyryx Learning - Online Learning & Assessment
  2. Math Model - Algorithmic and Numerical Modelling
  3. CSC - Center for Scientific Computing, Simon Fraser University

Work Experience - Programming & Research

  1. Java programming of eigenvalue/eigenvector routines in arbitrary precision arithmetic, an irrational symbolic calculator library for linear algebra, integer problem instance generation, and free form evaluator, Lyrycs Learning, 2006.
  2. Tabletop Current design and implementation upgrade; C++.NET and OpenGL using Buffer Framework architecture, Research Associate, Interactions Lab, University of Calgary, 2006.
  3. Ocean Floor Target Recognition and Classification; Design and implementation of 2D ocean floor target recognition and classification from underwater sonar images used in software for de-mining operations, ocean floor treasure hunting, etc. Technologies used include image pre-processing with wavelet functions and linear predictive coding, neural networks, and statistical post-processing of digital 3D surfaces representing locations of targets on the ocean floor. Software packages used were Matlab (R&D code) and Code Warrior C++ / Power Plant (industrial software code included in the existing commercial package); 2003-2005.
  4. Wave Energy Extraction; Mathematical and computer modelling of a network of pressure producing point absorbers from wave energy, using network flows, wave spectrum analysis, and fluid dynamics partial differential equations solutions; Matlab; 2005.
  5. Research Associate/Project Advisor. Managing four projects with major corporations of British Columbia:
  6. Extending Analysis of Credit Risk to the Sub-Prime Loan Market.
  7. Cross-functional Operational Planning for Service Assurance in Mass Markets.
  8. Improving Efficiency of a (Government Subsidized) Transportation Network.
  9. Developing a File Retention Policy on the basis of Probability Distribution of File Retrieval Requests.
  10. Projects included deliverables such as: Project Proposals (Word), Progress Reports (Power Point), Databases (Access, Excel), and Models (VBA, SAS, Arena, MLP Solvers: CPLEX); Centre for Operations Excellence, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, 2004.
  11. Design and implementation in Access, VBA, MySQL, and .ASP of a store inventory RDBMS for the Climb On retailer of outdoors equipment, 2003, 2005.
  12. Algorithm design and implementation in Maple of Polynomial Factorization in finite fields on recursive and dense data structure, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems, project leader Peter Borwein, Computer Algebra Group, group leader Michael Monagan, 2000-2001.
  13. Algorithm design and implementation in Maple of: LU decomposition for general sparse matrices and Revised Simplex method with rational arithmetic, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems, project leader Peter Borwein, Computer Algebra Group, group leader Michael Monagan, 2000.
  14. Design and implementation of GUI interface using Access and Visual Basic for a project evaluation tool coded in C++, Advanced Numerical Methods, 1999.
  15. Algorithm design and programming in VC++ (Microsoft) as a part of research of isomorphisms of large Walecki tournaments, 1999.
  16. Algorithm design and programming in C (Unix) Poker Hands, Dr. Brian Alspach, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Simon Fraser University, summer 1998.
  17. Design and programming in C++ (Code Warrior/Power Plant) for CZWeb (Continuous Zoom Web), a companion program to Netscape that graphically represents a tree of sites and pages visited on the Net. CZWeb became the basis for the spin off company Thought Share. Graphics Lab, Centre for System Science, Simon Fraser University, fall 1996 and fall 1997.
  18. Linear programming optimization of transportation of coal in China using Fortran library IMSL, a part of a student's Ph.D. thesis in Economics, Simon Fraser University, 1992. The project involved contacting the client, organizing the data, computing the optimal transportation strategy for four sample years, and interpreting the results.
  19. Algorithm design and programming Graph Algorithms Package in Pascal, Institute of Mathematics, Physics, and Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1989. The work involved gave me the insight into all aspects of programming an independent package from designing and coding theoretical algorithms, to implementing a graphics package for GUI.
  20. Heuristic Search for Hamilton Cycles in Cubic Graphs, design and implementation of a successful algorithm for a known NP-complete problem, University of Ljubljana, 1989.
  21. Programming a Control System for a hydro network for the town of Mostar in Modula 2, Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1988.
  22. Programming tax-planning computations in Fortran, Co-Op Education 1987, Ministry of Planning of Republic of Slovenia.
  23. Programming bookkeeping software in Cobol, Co-Op Education 1984, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

Computer Skills

  1. Programming Languages: Java, C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio, Code Warrior), STL, Matlab, Maple, Mathematica, Visual Basic, SQL, ASP, HTML, Pascal, Cobol, Fortran, C, Modula, Prolog, and Logo.
  2. Operating Environments: Windows, Unix/Linux, and DOS.
  3. Software: Microsoft Visual Studio, Code Warrior/Power Plant, MySQL, Access, Dbase, Maple, Mathematica, MatLab, Linear Programming Packages (Cplex, QSL, LinPro, Fortran library IMSL, LinPack), Excel, PowerPoint, SAS, Arena, Geometer's SketchPad.
  4. Word Processing: Tex, LaTex, and Word.