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1. Ph.D. in Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, 1999.
2. M.Sc. in Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia, Canada, 1992.
3. B.Sc. (Honours), Mathematics, Computer Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1990.

Research Skills

Research skills developed in the areas of Discrete Mathematics (Graph Theory, Domination, Enumeration), Optimisation (Combinatorial Optimisation, Integer and Linear Programming), Symbolic Computation and Computer Algebra (Polynomial Factorization, Cryptography), Operations Research (Transportation, Financial Mathematics, Network Flows, Probability Risk Analysis), and Image Recognition (Wavelet Functions, Signal Processing, Neural Networks) encompass transforming theoretical ideas into algorithms, developing software for solving optimisation problems, symbolic and numerical software coding, various optimisation techniques dependent on specific structures of the problem, for example fast algorithms for otherwise NP-complete problems.

Research Appointments

1. Centre for Operations Excellence, Research Associate/Project Advisor, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia.
2. Computer Algebra Group, postdoctoral fellow, Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems, Peter Borwein, Michael Monagan, 1999-2001.
3. Institute for Theoretical Computer Science, University of Ljubljana, 1991, ongoing.
4. Department of Mathematics, Brian Alspach, Simon Fraser University, 1992-1999.
5. Center for System Science, John Dill, 1996-1997.

Teaching Skills

Teaching skills developed in the six courses taught at Simon Fraser University: Calculus for Biological Sciences (2003), Linear Programming (2001), Combinatorial Optimisation (1999), Software Engineering (1999), Algorithmic Combinatorics (1998), and Euclidean Geometry (1997), include co-ordinating project work with independent groups of students, teaching large classes, good presentational skills, incorporation of symbolic and numeric software into presentations of applied problems, coding symbolic computation software to support lectures (for example revised simplex method for Linear Programming course), and preparing my own text book quality lecture notes (Linear Programming with Applications). My teaching skills were furthermore developed during fifteen years of tutoring mathematics for various levels and abilities: from primary school to university level and from students in need of extra help to talented students looking for extending their mathematical knowledge.

Teaching Assistant Experience

Skills learned while being a teaching assistant for courses Applied Combinatorics, Algorithmic Combinatorics, Linear Programming, Graph Theory, Integer Programming, Calculus I - III, Calculus and Linear Algebra Workshop, and Programming in PASCAL, range from always improving presentational skills, simultaneous communication with subjects of different levels of commitment and capacities, ongoing presentation of knowledge from the area of discrete and constrained optimisation, hands on lab work with various optimisation and symbolic computation software packages.

Project Evaluator

1. President of the Selection Committee, Academic Networks and Digital Content, Department for Information Society Applications, Ministry of Information Society, Slovenia, 2001-2002.
2. President of the Selection Committee, Information Society Research Programs, Department for Information Society Applications, Ministry of Information Society, Slovenia, 2001-2002.
3. National Contact Point, eContent Program (European Digital Content on Global Networks), European Commission, 2001-2002.

Fellowships / Awards

1. President's Ph.D. Stipend, Simon Fraser University, fall 1994.
2. Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University, summer 1992, summer 1995.
3. Research Scholarship by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Republic of Slovenia, 1991--1995.
4. Scholarship by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, 1986--1990.
5. Awards won in the Young Mathematicians of the Republic of Slovenia Competitions, 1977--1980.

Conference Talks and Workshops (since 1997)

1. Invited Speaker: DIMACS (Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science) Research and Education Institute on Graph Theory at Rutgers University, New Jersey, July 26-30, 1999. Talk title: Walecki tournaments, Algebraic Graph Theory.
2. Talk title: On a new algorithm of Shuhong Gao for factoring bivariate polynomials via PDE´s. Computer Algebra Group, Center for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics, Simon Fraser University.
3. Number Theory and Cryptography Workshop and Conference, 2000, Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, University of California, Berkley.
4. Talk title: Implementation of LU decomposition and Revised Simplex with Eta-Factorization using arithmetic in Maple. Computer Algebra Group, Center for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics, Simon Fraser University, February 2000.
5. Talk title: Bijective Enumeration of Sigma Classes. Discrete Mathematics Seminar, Simon Fraser University, July 1999.
6. Talk title: Automorphism Groups of Walecki Tournaments. Fourth Slovene International Conference in Graph Theory, University of Ljubljana, Bled, June 28-July 2, 1999.
7. Talk title: On Enumeration of Walecki Tournaments. Conference on Computational Graph Theory, University of Victoria, May 6-8, 1999.
8. Talk title: Optimal Queuing Problem. PIMS (Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences) Workshop on Mathematical Modeling, Simon Fraser University, 1998.
9. Talk title: Optimal Strategies for Managing a Company´s Portfolio in the Case of Boeing. PIMS Industrial Problems Solving Workshop, University of Calgary, 1998.
10. Talk title: Bijections Between Sigma Classes. 28-th South-eastern Conference on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, 1997.


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